What to do in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen dates back to the first millenium of history where Viking settlements furnished the shores of Eastern Zealand. Today, Copenhagen houses one million people and is the capital of Denmark as well as a cultural and financial center of Scandinavia. The city bursts with contemporary culture, alluring history, and secrets to unlock, ranging from medieval stories of war and grandeur to modern Scandinavian design and architecture. It is the home of the Little Mermaid, Tivoli, and Christiania. But Copenhagen also offers subtler experiences that are not to be found in the traditional guide books.

Read on to uncover three integrated experiences that are free to do and takes you closer to contemporary local culture, the ghosts of the past, as well as the classics within Danish history.

Contemporary Local Culture


The Know Your Bro project features a self-guided walking tour in the northwest part of Copenhagen, Nørrebro. This neighbourhood is the most densely populated area in Scandinavia and probably the most diverse too. Nørrebro is the melting pot of Copenhagen and offers exquisite cuisine, exotic cafes, and cool bars from all over the world. The walking tour will take you where the locals go and unfold the neighbourhood before your eyes as you venture into the streets of Nørrebro.

Go to nbro.io to unlock the streets of Nørrebro.

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts in Copenhagen

On this guided audio tour, Ghostwalk, you will get to know the lives and fates of famous Danish characters. The tale of Tordenskjold's short career as a naval flag officer and his abrupt death will be unveiled along stories of Thorvaldsen, public executions, and stolen statues. All of the stories feature elements that might make you wonder if there is more than reaches the eye. Is there something rotten in the state of Denmark?

NB: This story will be published in the Spring of 2019.

The Classics

The Marble Church

If you want to go at your own pace and experience the city as it reveals itself, you can find standalone stories in the Classic Collection. This assortment features the most remarkable sites in Copenhagen and will provide you with rich history that adds to your perception, understanding, and knowledge of your immediate surroundings.

Featured stories include the stunning Marble Church, the mythical Absalon's Castle, the acclaimed Royal Hotel, and many more. You can give the stories a heart and create your own itinerary here.


You can find all three experiences in the Motes Web app, free and publicly accessible for tourists and locals alike.