Motes 2.0

Motes 2.0 is finally here, almost a year after the release of version 1.0. We have worked intensely behind the scenes to create the best web app for location based storytelling. And this time around we are one step closer.

New features include:

What features do you want in the next version? Submit them at the end of this article.

Parallel Worlds


With Motes 2.0 we introduce the concept of Parallel Worlds which means that you can toggle between the different Worlds in Motes. A World is a collection of content that shares a common outset such as timeperiod, theme, or sender. The introduction of Parallel Worlds enable us to keep up with the growing content on the platform and allows you to actively select what content to engage with. Do you have a World that belongs on Motes? In that case, check out Motes Pro.

Heading Indicator


It can be difficult to navigate without something that indicates which way you are walking or pointing your phone. So now it's here: the heading indicator which will help you navigate from Mote to Mote. The next thing on the list is an interactive route planner which will give you guidance on how to get from A to B.

Improved Navigation Bar

App Menu

We decided to add a number of entries to the navigation so you can access your Unlocked Motes and Loved Motes directly from anywhere in the app. This way it becomes easier to see where you have been and relive the memories of the past. It also makes it more intuitive to use the Loved Motes as a planning tool to create your own itinerary - love the Motes you find interesting and quickly get an overview.

Enhanced Performance & Battery Consumption

The Motes app uses your location to fetch content and make it dynamically available. This means that a lot of computation goes on behind the scenes. This version of the app leads to significant performance improvements which means that less battery is used and that all of you with an older phone can partake in the experience. And with new Worlds to come, no better time than now.

Point us in the right direction

We are always building stuff but we need your help to make sure we are building the right stuff. What feature would you like in the next version of Motes?

  • Want to make content appear dynamically as you look through your camera or Smartglasses?

  • Want your surrondings to react through sound as you turn your head?

  • Want to have an in-app Route Planner that can help you navigate from A to B?