Advisory Board

We thought that we could do everything ourselves. But we have come to the realization that we need people who know something different (and more) than us.
Luckily, we found three skilled and experienced people who wanted to contribute their expertise and help us on our journey.

Advisory Board

The A team

Marie Oosterban

Marie Oosterbaan

We met Marie a year ago and she has already proven to be an invaluable advisor with good insights while at the same time being good company. Marie will help with designing our product based on 15+ years of experience within User Experience and Game Design (Game Designer and Project Manager at Copenhagen Game Lab and more), thereby contributing with technological design & user insights.

Marie Oosterban

Jakob Christian Ipland

We met Jakob through TourismX and his vigor and passion has motivated us to move forward and improve ourselves as well as our product. Jakob is a former entrepreneur himself and has 10+ years of experience in developing products and services, for companies in Denmark and abroard. He is currently a Senior Manager at Wonderful Copenhagen and will assist us in the innovation process and help with securing partnerships through his extensive network.

Marie Oosterban

Jens Friis Jensen

Jens always has a different angle and his creative mindset will be a great addition to the board. Jens is a Researcher at RUC (Cand.Mag, Experience & Tourism) with 20+ years of experience in tourism and service design. He helps with understanding our users and customers through research and knowledge, thus he contributes to continuously define and refine our perspective on customer needs.

But what is an Advisory Board?

An Advsiory Board is a body of talented people that provides strategic advice to the management of an organization. Unlike a regular board, that most often is professional and consists of a board of directors, the advice from an Advisory Board is not binding, making the arrangement more flexible in nature.

We look forward to collaborating with our board.