The Story Behind Motes

Motes has been underway for over three years and the concept, the team, and the encircling business model have changed a number of times. Mostly for the better. It all started out with an idea.

The Idea

City Stories

About three years ago in the good city of Aarhus, a hackathon led three aspiring entrepreneurs to come up with an idea around the way in which we uncover the stories of our surroundings. The original question was if a digital platform could somehow enhance our perception of the cities we live in; expose otherwise hidden layers. We found that a very basic premise of a story is its physical position in the world.

The Concept


Following this we came up with a concept that rested on location-based storytelling. The concept was that locals and visitors could roam the streets and unlock the otherwise hidden stories whenever they were nearby. In addition, people should be able to contribute with their own stories, stimulating a community of the culturally curious. The original concept was called City Stories. The concept of Motes still hinges on the premise that users can unlock stories around them, conceptualized as Motes which means ‘a small particle, a modest piece of anything’, thus emphasizing the interconnectedness of narratives; that they all make up a part of our shared history.

The Team

Mote team

Today, the team behind Motes consists of three young entrepreneurs who met at the IT University of Copenhagen. Our mission is to bring location-based storytelling to the next level. Following the original vision behind City Stories we have expanded the concept into a series of digital artefacts in which a series of Worlds exist alongside each other, bringing together a large variety of actors from all over Denmark.

Mathias Mølgaard

As the CEO of Motes (insert a great joke about C-titles in startups here) I strive to maintain the strategic overview and lead business development. Additionally, I partake in the coding and deal with textual and visual matters, two passions of mine.

Louis Amhild

Louis is the tech genius that powers the platform development and holds the title of CTO. He has a background in software engineering and maintains the overview of code production and deployment. Whenever Louis is not coding he likes to drink beers and socialize.

Yassin Achiban

Yassin is the latest member to join the team and holds the title of CMO. Yassin has a long background in sales, and in contrast to the geeks mentioned above, Yassin studied International Business Communication and is therefore in charge of marketing and sales. So if you want to buy something, please holla at him.

Advisory Board

Additionally, we have assembled an Advisory Board that helps us to determine the direction of the company.

Check out the Motes web app and let us know what you think :)